Sunday, February 28, 2010

No internet for me in China!!

Blogging in China just got 100 times harder.

1. My room internet does not work anymore for some reason... AND the lobbyman (dorm security guard?) doesn't know how to fix it.
2. There are two computers rooms in this dorm with 4 computers each. Some how 7/8 computers now do not work at all or the internet is broken... therefore there is only ONE working computer for almost 200 students.
3. My camera does not respond when plugged into my computer... aka I don't know how to transfer pictures onto my macbook.

Sigh... until I get these problems fixed, blog posts will be sparse and mostly text posts. I'm in the midst of getting my camera/laptop connection fixed so hopefully pictures will be up soon!!

In other news, I went to Shanghai metro city mall yesterday. There's a Skinfood and The Face Shop there. For anyone who wants to go there, it's at Xiuliuji (??) subway station exit 10 -- on the red line. Anyway, SF and FS are obviously more expensive in China than Korea but I was surprised to find that they have basically the entire product line. I bought a banana yogurt mask and oil blotting sheets from Skinfood. The banana mask smells like banana milk! I used it today and it made my skin feel very smooth. Total for both came out to be around $14 USD. FS, SF, and Missha seem to be very popular here. Even cute little street boutiques all sell various products from these three brands... it's odd to see that Etude House is kind of rare here.

I realized that shopping in Shanghai can be cheap if you go to the right places. Many department stores have cute clothes on sale for less than $50, but prices can go pretty high too for certain brands. I just bought a pair of cute mid-heel black patent heels with a bow on the back for about $35. I'm trying to limit the shopping though... I still have Korea and Hong Kong for shopping! And I need to be able to bring everything back in two suitcases =X

Overall, life in China hasn't gotten much better... the dorms are unbelievably cold in the hallways and I just discovered there are only 3 washers for 200 students, which will make laundry a hassle for the next 3 months. Nightlife here is nice though, although expensive. I went to Sin and M2 last night... not a big fan of M2. Also have been to G-Plus and Windows and I have to say G-Plus is my favorite. The whole Xintiandi area is a favorite of mine!

Since my internet hasn't been working, I haven't been able to download any new kpop songs. Getting kind of sick of the same songs over and over again! And I haven't been able to catch up on any music shows or dramas!! >.<

This is getting to be too long of a post now! I'll stop the ramblings now and give you guys another update as soon as I can!


Anonymous said...

That's a pain, hopefully, more computers start WORKING - I want to see some cool pictures. :P Are you studying in China, by the way?

sunniipinky said...

Thanks for the update, night life in Asia always sounds cooler than in America, hahaha~ 'Nways, hope you get your problems fixed soon.

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