Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Urban Decay Hall of Fame Set

I just received the Urban Decay Hall of Fame set that I ordered online!

 $20 at Urban


This set is such a good deal considering the XL potion is $23. With S&H, it came out to be $25. It includes a large size Primer Potion and mini sizes of Skyscraper Multi-Benefit mascara, Pocket Rocket in Timothy, lipstick in Midnight Cowboy, and 24/7 liner in Zero. I only use 24/7 liner and potion regularly, but it's nice to try out the rest of the products. The lip products are smaller than I expected though.


Here's what Midnight Cowboy lipstick looks like in the tube. It's a glittery nude beige color. 

Midnight Cowboy lipstick, Pocket Rocket in Timothy
(without flash)

Midnight Cowboy is hard to see in the picture. It's a nice color for summer nights as it'll give you a shimmery nude color with some glitter. Pocket Rocket in Timothy is a shiny pinkish coral color. I probably won't use this since I rarely use lip gloss.

Definitely happy with my Hall of Fame set. If you're running out of primer potion, this is an excellent buy! 


Ahleessa said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, as well as, following! :) Ohhh~ That's a nice deal!!!

sunniipinky said...

I wanted to grab this one from Sephora but it was out of stock when I tried to buy it! >___< Maybe next time. :D Awesome that you got your set though, and it is an awesome buy. :)

SJ said...

they still have it on Urban Decay's website if you still want it!

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