Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Donuts, fruit pie, and lollipops

Some recent polymer clay creations. I'm leaving to study abroad in Shanghai in a few weeks and there's no way I'll have room in my suitcases for my clay tools nor will I have the time to make these cute creations. That's why I'm trying to make as much tiny clay food as possible before I leave!

After I leave on February 18, I won't be back until August so the blog will mostly be about beauty/fashion for those six months. There will be no new tutorials or pictures of new crafts during that time, however I'll post some tips and techniques for jewelry-making and polymer clay crafts.

But... before I leave, I'll be sure to post some tutorials and plenty of content for everyone to enjoy (:

 First time making donuts... they're easy to make and so cute!

I always eat this certain fruit pie from Whole Foods market and wanted to re-create it with clay :)

Lots of colorful lollipops. I like the pink ones the best... will probably use one of the smaller ones as a cellphone charm.


Bea said...

wow! i like those crafts you made! looks yummy! :)

-elle♡ said...

they look like real food...they starve me
id so buy these..youre amazing

yumiko said...

so kawaii, cute crafts. i just became your follower!

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