Saturday, February 13, 2010

New layout + new clay charms + my first deco box

Made another new layout! This one will be used for awhile.

Also, here are a few new clay charms I made recently.

Valentine's Day chocolates

Latte with whipped cream and a wafer

Fruit tarts

Also made my first deco box! I made a few mistakes, but I like it (:


yumiko said... cute. i love your creations!

sunniipinky said...

Hi! Your creations look good enough to eat! (hehe, this is one of those situations where my friends would look at me like I'm crazy and question my sanity). You're very talented, I look forward to seeing more creations from you! :D & the fruit tarts are so colorful and adorable~~

& very gorgeous layout! :D I especially like the header.

Jessica Mai : said...

WOW! Your they look delish!

I LOVE them all, but esp. the chocolates...mmmm I LOVE chocolates :P

you, my dear, are very creative!

Jess Mai

Bommiie said...

thanks for you comment~
no, actually, i bought them on ebay ^-^

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