Thursday, February 11, 2010

Clay Lollipop Tutorial

Here's a tutorial on how to make polymer clay lollipops. I think these are one of the easier things to make and they're so cute! You can make lollipops in any colors you want. You can also use as many colors as you want in one lollipop, but I think 2-4 is best. I'll be making a light blue and white one.

Materials I used:
- White Premo polymer clay
- Turquoise Premo polymer clay
- Ecru Premo polymer clay
- Eyepin
- Wire cutters

1.  To get a light blue color, mix white and turquoise clay together. The picture shows the approximate proportion I used. 

2. With your light blue and white clays, roll out two snakes of equal length. Keep them semi-thick since you will have to roll them again later.
3. Hold your two snakes together and twist in opposite directions until you achieve an effect like the second picture above.

4. After you have a twisty snake, keep it on the surface and roll with two fingers. This will make the snake's surface smooth while maintaining the twisted colors effect. Make sure to roll a few times, twist in opposite directions, roll again, twist again, etc. The more you twist, the more of a swirly effect you will have.

You're done when you have a snake that looks like this.  

5. Keeping the clay on the surface, carefully roll the snake into a circle. I cut the end at a diagonal so it looks cleaner. 

6. Take your ecru colored clay and roll into a small thick snake for the lollipop stick.

7. With your wire cutters, cut your eyepin. 

8. Take the end part of your cut eyepin and stick it in your lollipop stick about halfway. Make sure the end that is peeking out is not too short so the stick and lollipop can stay put together.

9. Insert the stick into your lollipop. Insert it straight in and slowly to make sure the eyepin doesn't stick out on the other side of the lollipop.

10. Take the top part of your cut eyepin and insert into the top of your lollipop. Bake according to the package and now you have a finished lollipop charm! 

p.s. - on an unrelated note... RIP Alexander McQueen.


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awww i think this is super cute =D

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