Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beatuy Review: bliss vs. The Body Shop Body Butters

I recently received a sample of Sweet Lemon body butter from The Body Shop. According to the sales associate, it's a new upcoming scent that will be released soon.

$20 (regular), $8 (mini)

I've never tried any of The Body Shop's famous body butters before, but I've heard plenty of good things so I was expecting a lot. It's definitely very moisturizing and smooth. The only thing is the scent. It's a sweet and citrus-y lemon scent, but after smelling it on my skin for awhile, it was starting to make me feel sick. After awhile it starts to smell like plastic dolls or playdoh. The scent lasts for awhile too and it's a bit strong.

I also got a few small bumps on my skin after using, which was weird. I've never had any reaction to a skin product. It wasn't major though, but I probably won't purchase because of this.
Rating: 4/5

$35 at Sephora

I also tried bliss body butter in vanilla and bergamot. Some people say they dislike the smell, but I actually love it. It's like an herbal vanilla smell. I like it because it has that vanilla scent without being too sweet. Also, bliss' formula is thicker and has less of that oily "just put on my lotion" feel.
Rating: 3.5/5

Lately, I've been having terrible dry winter skin on my arms and back of my hands... so to compare the two, I did a little experiment.

Night 1: I applied The Body Shop body butter on the back of my left hand and left arm. When I woke up in the morning, I still had smooth moisturized skin. Even days later, I still had smooth skin and the dry scratchy winter skin didn't come back for almost a week!

Night 2: I applied bliss body butter on the back of my right hand and right arm. I woke up and it was still slightly moisturized and skin was smooth. The next day, the dry winter skin came back. Even as I am typing this, my left (Body Shop) hand is smooth while the right (bliss) is dry and scratchy.

Even though I love the vanilla and bergamot smell, I prefer The Body Shop body butter. It's cheaper and more effective. I'll just have to try a different scent next time :)


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