Thursday, February 4, 2010

White watches


But I don't think I could ever spend $3395 on a watch. Looking for a white watch these days, but should I even buy one? Honestly, I don't even look at a watch for the time, but I love wearing them. I feel like nobody really uses them to tell time anymore.

1. Juicy Couture 'Rich Girl' Watch - $195
2. Juicy Couture 'Her Royal Highness' Jelly Band Watch - $195
3. TOYWATCH 'Plasteramic Collection' Watch - $225
4. Michael Kors Ladies' Chronograph Resin Band Watch - $225

I'm liking the #2 the best, although I don't like that it doesn't have numbers...

p.s. Thank you to the Beading Gem for including my tutorial in her blog post! Check it out here.


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