Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Goodbye shu uemura...

I know this is old news, but for those of you that don't know, Shu uemura will be discontinued in the U.S.! I went to buy a cleansing oil at Nordstrom and the MA told me that their products will only be available for the next week or so and they will start pulling them out. So get your shu products asap!! If you don't see a certain product in stores, they can probably order it for you. That's what I did for the cleansing oil at Nordstrom. I'm so sad to see this great brand disappear from the U.S. market! =(

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Skinfood + Etude House Summer Haul

Here's the last of my summer haul from Skinfood and Etude House. I also bought some last few items from Holika Holika, but I won't post a picture of that because I already reviewed one of the items (the Magic Mascara) and the rest are just some reader goodies and small items.

1. Skinfood Black Sugar Mask: 7,700KRW
2. Skinfood Black Egg Pore Primer: 10,000KRW
3. Etude House Code B Cream Liner: 9,000KRW
4. Etude House Proof10 Liquid Liner: 7,000KRW
5. Skinfood Tomato Spot Serum: 13,900KRW
6. Skinfood Peach Sake SPF32 Sun Lotion: 9,900KRW

I've only used the Black Egg Pore Primer and Tomato Spot Serum so far, but reviews for all of these will be out in the near future! So far, I'm liking both products I've tried, although it's too soon to see results. I'm really going to miss being able to shop at Korean makeup stores =(

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beauty Review: Holika Holika Enamel Magic Melomovie Mascara

Hello! I'm back with another beauty review. This time for Holika Holika Enamel Magic Melomovie Mascara. I've only tried a couple of their products recently and this the first makeup product from them that I've tried. Holika Holika is a relatively new brand endorsed by CNBLUE. They have a cute purple witch theme for the brand. The purple actually reminds me of Urban Decay.

Cute packaging

I bought this mascara because the sales girl was just so convincing. Apparently this mascara is so popular that it's been sold out for weeks and only recently restocked. And all employees who tried it bought it right away. The hype about this mascara is that it's totally waterproof and doesn't smudge while still giving you long and lush lashes. Sales girl even demonstrated by swiping the mascara on her hand and rubbing with water. It didn't come off at all! 

Inside of the box - mascara + remover

The packaging is cute and comes with a mini bottle of mascara remover. Mascara comes in two colors: black and brown. I bought the black.

I've worn it a few times already, in humid and rainy weather. It really is very waterproof but surprisingly easy to remove! I used Holika Holika's Orangeade remover wipes instead of the mascara remover and it still was easy to take off.

Close-up of mascara wand

It's not 100% smudge-proof... I don't think any mascara is totally 100% smudge-proof though. It definitely is one of my less smudging mascaras though. Very minimal smudging in 80F degree weather and rain. My other daytime mascara is MAC Zoom Lash and compared to that, this Holika Holika mascara smudges much much less.

As for application, there's zero clumping even after 2 coats. It lengthens my lashes, but I wish it gives more volume. I wouldn't really say it's "Magic Melomovie Mascara", but it's still a good product.

Rating: 4.5/5
I only wish it gives my lashes more volume!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2PM Concert in Korea

A couple weeks ago, 2PM had their first concert here at the Olympic Park Stadium. I saw posters for it awhile ago, but couldn't get tickets because they were all sold out! But I was actually able to get tickets on the day of the concert for only 50,000 won for 120,000 won seats! I was lucky to be in the standing section closest to the stage. Here are a few pictures from the concert:

miss A! They are my new favorite these days. They performed "Bad Girl Good Girl".

2AM performed "Can't Let You Go Even If I Die" and "I Did Wrong".

2PM performing "Without U". They had water raining down at the end of the song... not only raining on stage but on the audience too!

Right after performing "Without U".

Towards the end of the concert, performing "Heartbeat".

I thought the concert overall was great! It was really impressive for their first concert. It was my first time going to any concert in Korea and it was crazy. So many girls going wild for 2PM and it was amazing to see 12,000 people under one roof all for 2PM.

They performed all their hits, did individual performances, parody performances, and some miscellaneous songs from their album. Definitely impressed with the concert!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Busy busy busy

Sorry I haven't updated!! I just started work at a private equity firm (previous KPMG internship didn't work out) so I've been busy and super tired!

I have bought a lot of beauty goodies since my last post, including some future giveaway prizes for readers - from Etude House, Skinfood, The Face Shop, and Holika Holika!

Gotta keep shopping during my last few days here (:
I will review all new products asap, so hold tight!
Until then, you can keep updated through my twitter~