Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beauty Review: Missha Sun Protect Cream SPF30

Because I didn't want anymore sun spots, I bought a sun cream a couple months ago from Missha called Sun Protect Cream SPF30+. It is a Korean brand, but I bought it in Shanghai. For anyone who is in the area, there is a Missha store in Zhongshan Park at Cloud Nine shopping mall.

I couldn't find this on the US or Korean Missha website, only the China one - so it may only be available in China. Or it could be discontinued elsewhere or only available in stores in Korea.

120RMB at Missha China website (approx. $18USD)

The cream is more like a cream rather than a sunscreen. It is thicker than my Chanel UV Essentiel SPF50 cream, so it feels like a lotion. I do prefer this rather than a milky sunscreen feel. Although thicker, it feels light on the face, but perhaps that is because it is a lower SPF than my Chanel cream.

After weeks of applying this every morning, I noticed my sun spots getting slightly darker, but no new sun spots were discovered. Therefore, I've moved on to Chanel SPF50 cream. However, I do still use this for days when there is low/no sun.

If you're looking for basic sun coverage, this may be right for you. I find that it is hard to find SPF moisturizers above SPF15 in the states, but in Asia, it is quite easy to find high SPF since many Asian girls prefer white faces. This cream, although SPF30, feels almost as light as many creams in the states that are only SPF15. The tube is 50ml; should last you barely a few months if you use it almost everyday.

Rating: 3/5
I like the formula's consistency, but it is not enough sun protection for me.


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