Friday, June 11, 2010

Shanghai tea cafes

The thing I love about Shanghai is that tea is everywhere. It's available as an option in basically every restaurant, there is a tea market to buy all types of tea, and there are many tea cafes.

My favorite tea cafe is called rbt. It's from Hong Kong, but has a Korean cafe style feel. The interior is adorable, complete with a few bench swings as chairs.

Their food is cheap and good. My favorite drink is the green barley with aloe. For food, I've had paninis, toast, waffle with ice cream, and pastas. The paninis are the best I think.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee at rbt

I went to rbt all the time during my stay in Shanghai. It's a great place to meet a friend or to just study. Another great tea cafe is Chamate, located just about everywhere in Shanghai. Definitely should go to either if you're ever in China or Hong Kong!


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