Thursday, June 24, 2010

LV Mahina L in white

Meet my new baby! Louis Vuitton Mahina L in white.

3,930,000KRW = $3,305USD at Louis

I cannot describe how much I am in love with this bag! The perforated LV pattern is fresh and chic. The gold embellishments are classy. The size is perfect. The color is clean and refreshing.

Inside, there is a leather strip that can be hooked across the top to keep the bag in shape and your belongings secure. The fabric on the inside is a soft gray suede. The only disappointing thing is that there is only one additional zip pocket. I would prefer at least another pocket for a cell phone.

On the USA Louis Vuitton website, it is only available in a few colors in XXL, but the Korean Louis Vuitton website has many more colors and sizes in L and XL. I already thought XL was too big so I can only imagine how big XXL must be. 

I absolutely love this bag! The size is great because it's big enough for all your small goods, plus bigger things like a book or a magazine. But it's not too big that it's overwhelming your body. What I love most is the perforated LV pattern. It's a fresh take on the LV pattern and it's subtle enough to slightly blend in with the bag, but not too subtle that people can't see it. 

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Tracey said...
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alison said...

This bag is so cute!! I like the subtle LVs over the harsh regular monos!

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