Friday, June 4, 2010

Uniqlo jeans

This is my last post while in Shanghai! I'll be leaving for Korea tomorrow afternoon. I'm not sure when I will update again since I'm not sure how long I will be in Korea and whether or not I will have internet again. But at least I don't have to use a VPN to access Blogger! (:

I know I've only posted travel updates and beauty reviews lately, but this is just a fashion rave. My latest "thing to own"? Uniqlo jeans!

I know Uniqlo has been around for awhile, but I've never even thought about buying their jeans. Since I don't live in Soho, NY (where the only US Uniqlo store exists), I took full advantage of the ubiquitous amount of stores in Shanghai.

When I saw they had skinny tapered, I bought two pairs of jeans - one dark washed skinny tapered jeans, one black skinny straight jeans. The black ones I bought for casual wear at work. They are both fabulous! Fit comfortably, look great, and are a good deal.

The best part about their jeans is that they have so many different styles and colors. They even have jeans in purple, red, green, pink, etc. And styles range from skinny tapered, skinny, skinny straight, boot cut, flare, etc. My favorite style is skinny tapered. I've been looking for another great pair of skinny tapered jeans ever since I discovered Levi's skinny tapered.

The dark wash skinny tapered were 299RMB (approx. $44USD) while the black skinny straight were 199RMB (approx. $29USD).

Go to a Uniqlo asap and check out their jeans !!


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