Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beauty Review: Chanel Mousse Exfoliante Pureté

So all my Thailand pictures have escaped my computer... when I get them back, I'll update with the rest of the pics from my spring break. Until then, here's a beauty review.

During my travels in Thailand, I definitely did a little shopping in the duty free store. Bangkok's duty free is pretty nice with a wide selection of cosmetics and skincare. I think they have a lot of great fashion brands as well.

I bought this Chanel Mousse Exfoliante Pureté, which is a foaming cleanser designed to clean pore, give a healthy glow and control oils for combination-to-oily skin.

$45 at

Original price is $45, but I bought for around $40 at the Bangkok airport. The price is reasonable because it's a good-sized bottle and you only need a pea-size amount each time so it will last you awhile. It's perfect for my skin because it doesn't dry out the normal areas of the skin, yet it still rids of the oil on my oily areas, specifically my T-zone. It's gentle enough to use both morning and night. I use it religiously, twice a day, and it doesn't dry out your skin at all. 

Like I said earlier, you only need a pea-sized amount because it foams up. After you use this, your face feels so refreshed and literally it is squeaky clean. 

It's a great cleanser, but if you're looking for something with drastic benefits, this isn't it. My skin does have a healthier glow and feels overall much cleaner, but it didn't do drastically improve my hormonal blemishes. I did have some kind of a blemish-like thing on my nose that was in the process of becoming a scar, and this cleanser helped get rid of it completely. The cleanser also helped with the blackheads on my nose

Rating: 4.5/5
It's a great product, but I will only give a 5 to a product that can pretty much be considered magical. 
I may repurchase this again when I run out, or I might try the other Chanel cleansers.

Side note: I'm thinking about starting a website of reviews of all restaurants, shopping, sightseeing, and nightlife of Shanghai -- directed towards young people like me, especially fashionistas who read this blog. I was thinking about doing it on blogger, but realized that blogger cannot be access in China without a VPN, so I'll open a website instead. Look forward to this sometime this summer!


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