Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Since I don't have school these days, this blogging everyday thing is not so hard (:
Although I doubt anyone is reading... hehe~

Made these cute clay cupcakes a few days ago. The colors turned out a little darker in the pic... they're actually lighter and kind of a pastel color. But yeah, it's hard to do piping on tiny cupcake bases =X

On a different note, I want to plug these two sites. I'm doing small internships for them this winter and they're both great sites!

Second City Style: A fashion online magazine and blog. The magazine has interesting articles every few days while the blog is updated very regularly with news, trends, best dressed, outfit ideas, etc.

Cuff Luv: A local Chicago designer that sells cute cuffs that you can add to your long-sleeved shirts. Plus, there's 10-way cardigan wraps and magnetic pins. Unique and adorable items =)

I think I'm going to do another beauty review soon... maybe tonight. Just used a product that I am not fond of -_-


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