Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beauty Review: Shiseido vs. shu uemura

First, I'd like to say thank you to anyone out there reading and to people who have commented or followed my blog! It's awesome to get a great response after only a week of blogging. This will definitely motivate me to keep blogging as often as I can. If there's anything specific you guys want me to blog about, leave a comment!

I'm doing another beauty review, but this time it's a battle between eyelash curlers: Shiseido vs. shu uemura.

These two eyelash curlers are two of the most popular. I've seen many people wonder which one is better, so I decided to do a beauty review comparing the two.

Shiseido was my first eyelash curler that I bought back when I just started experimenting in makeup at 15 years old. Six years later, I felt like it was time to buy a new one, so a couple weeks ago I received my new shu uemura curler in the mail from Sephora!

Back when I was 15, I did the same debate between Shiseido vs. shu uemura. I chose Shiseido because I had used their skincare products with success, and thought their products might be just as great.

$19 at

It's $19 and comes with one replacement pad. When I first used this, I thought it had a nice comfortable grip and was easy to use. With one squeeze, my short Asian lashes curled decently well. The eyelash curler worked even better when I squeezed once on the lashes near my lid and once again in the middle of my lashes. I used this curler for 6 years and always loved it.

The shu uemura curler is also $19 and comes with one replacement pad.
$19 at

The first thing I noticed when I used this was that the grip is not as comfortable as the Shiseido. It just didn't feel that comfortable in my hands. If you get a chance to hold both, you might know what I'm talking about... or maybe it's just me =X 
But when I used it, I definitely fell in love. With one squeeze, my lashes curled perfectly. Just one quick squeeze and my short lashes are curled up nicely for mascara. 

In my opinion, the shu uemura works better than the Shiseido, although they are both very similar. But maybe the Shiseido has upgraded their curler since I last bought it 6 years ago! Either way, you won't be disappointed with either one. My preference is the shu uemura, but yours might be different!


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