Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thailand travel diary: day 3

Day 3 of Thailand was packed. We went on a organized safari tour and explored all the sights of Ko Samui.

Our first stop was Grandmother & Grandfather Rocks. These rocks are shaped like female and male genitalia and apparently are the only rocks in the world shaped like this. I really don't know how these rocks became shaped this way, but it was interesting to see.


Then we saw some monkeys in coconut trees, a temple, and went to an elephant show. These elephants did tricks, played soccer, and ate bananas from our hands!

We then saw the famous Big Buddha. It's literally HUGE! It was raining that day and you must take off your shoes to go up the steps so my feet got wet and gross =(

After lunch at the top of a mountain, we headed home and saw a nice view on the way down. 

As Shanghai is winding down, I'm realizing I still need to visit a lot of places! Finally visited Taikang Lu yesterday. It's a very nice area with tons of local stores, great cafes, and art. It's quite a hipster-ish place, but anyone can enjoy it. I also visited the expo last week so I will give an update about that later!


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