Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2PM Concert in Korea

A couple weeks ago, 2PM had their first concert here at the Olympic Park Stadium. I saw posters for it awhile ago, but couldn't get tickets because they were all sold out! But I was actually able to get tickets on the day of the concert for only 50,000 won for 120,000 won seats! I was lucky to be in the standing section closest to the stage. Here are a few pictures from the concert:

miss A! They are my new favorite these days. They performed "Bad Girl Good Girl".

2AM performed "Can't Let You Go Even If I Die" and "I Did Wrong".

2PM performing "Without U". They had water raining down at the end of the song... not only raining on stage but on the audience too!

Right after performing "Without U".

Towards the end of the concert, performing "Heartbeat".

I thought the concert overall was great! It was really impressive for their first concert. It was my first time going to any concert in Korea and it was crazy. So many girls going wild for 2PM and it was amazing to see 12,000 people under one roof all for 2PM.

They performed all their hits, did individual performances, parody performances, and some miscellaneous songs from their album. Definitely impressed with the concert!


necessary★nails said...

Lucky! I've always wanted to go to them but they're always in Korea. :( The only concert I've been to is YG Family's 10 Anni. World Tour (in NYC) and then a few days after, the Chusok Festival where I saw Chaeyeon and Fly to the Sky - years ago! :(

Jes Tang said...

so do the fan girls really scream... and go suuuperrr crazy for the performers?!


Anonymous said...

Again & Again & Again & Again.

SJ said...

hahha yes the fan girls are crazy! at one point, 2PM threw out roses into the audience and one girl fell down on the floor trying to catch one, but she just got right back up and kept screaming and trying to catch a rose.

Linda said...

So cooool! I'd love to visit Korea. I'm a huge kpop fan myself. hehe

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