Saturday, March 13, 2010

New discovery: massages

Good news! My dorm room internet is fixed. Bad news: Blogger is still extremely slow. That's why I haven't been able to blog recently! I'm still working on the getting the camera/computer setup fixed... hopefully soon!

I recently discovered just how wonderful massages are. It's cheap (cheaper than US), relaxing, and addicting! I'm definitely going at least once a week. I've only been to Apsara and Dragonfly so far.

Apsara is definitely a great looking place. The atmosphere is amazing. Each bed is in a separate room complete with a shower, tub, and all amenities like hairdryer, shampoo, lotion, bathrobe, etc. Service is also excellent. During the massage they turn off almost all the lights, play very soft and smoothing music, and let you choose your oil scent (if you get a oil massage). The massage itself is just okay though. It felt like she wasn't putting enough pressure on me! The price is around $35USD for 1 hour. 

I think there are two Apsaras in Shanghai. I went to the one in Century Park. The area there looks very new, but it was a quiet neighborhood. 

Dragonfly was pretty much the opposite of Apsara. It's a great massage but the atmosphere is just okay. There are several Dragonfly spas all over China but I went to one inside an upscale mall/building. The place was kind of small. Each bed is not in an individual room, but rather there's just one hallway that has a bunch of beds separated by curtains. Each individual area is kind of small. The massage is great though. It feels better and is cheaper than Apsara! I heard Dragonfly is known to have very good foot massages, so I need to try that the next time I go there!


yumiko said...

massages are the bomb! i love giving them..i'm practicing on perfecting them, but of course i love to have them too! the atmosphere look so pretty and i wish i was in china! the US charges so much!

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

this spa is very pretty! massages are definitely the perfect way to relax! :D xx

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